"Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!!!"
— the immortal words of Mick Nett
About Laker Poll

A poll is a nice way to put a digital finger on the pulse of your web site's audience. Through a simple point-and-click operation, you can now express your opinions on a variety of subjects. This poll will only allow you to vote once. Once you have voted, the results will be display instead of the question. There are three areas to the poll section:

View Comments
Once you have submitted your vote you can then view the answers current tally and all the comments made for that poll. You can only vote once so after you submit your vote you will see the poll's results until a new question is posted.

View all Polls
This allows you to view all the completed polls from the past. You can see the final results and all the comments for each poll.

Add Poll
You can add your own poll that can be posted to the site. Once you create and submit your question and answers the poll will be reviewed. Once approved your question will be displayed on the site in the order it was received.

Pretty self explanatory - adds a lisp to the comment you make in the Comment box.

Stuff It
Enter a number to stuff the ballot box by upping the value based on how passionate you feel about your answer.

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