"Nice play Heitzy"
— Dave to Jimmy after his 3rd error during pre-game
Previously Completed Polls

1) What is your favorite Laker nickname?  View Results
2) Who will win the World Series?  View Results
3) How do you feel about using wood bats next year?  View Results
4) What is your favorite Laker Quote?  View Results
5) Where is your favorite place to stop after a Lakers game?  View Results
6) Guess Teri's Due Date?????  View Results
7) Favorite song played at Laker games?  View Results
8) Do you think Derek Tamm should play for Avon?  View Results
9) Who is your all-time favorite bat boy?  View Results
10) Who has the shortest career as a Laker?  View Results
11) What souvenir should Ross bring us back from Austrailia?  View Results
12) Should Brandon go play for Opole?  View Results
13) Who will hit the first Laker Homer with a wood bat?  View Results
14) Which way will home plate be facing toward when we get to Flensberg?  View Results
15) When will B.O. get his next haircut?  View Results
16) Who is your favorite Seinfeld character?  View Results
17) Who would win, us or Ditka?  View Results
18) Witch Buckhorn Bartender had the best looking legs?  View Results
19) What is the correct spelling of Witch as in: What particular one?  View Results
20) Avon Lakers and their celebrity look-a-likes.?  View Results
21) Who is your favorite team to play against? Why?  View Results
22) Who would actually win in a fight, Smitty or Rabideau???  View Results
23) Favorite post game meal?  View Results
24) Where is Dierkhising going to leave/lose his bag next?  View Results
25) When is B.O coming back?  View Results
26) Is Australia part of Europe?  View Results
27) Was James Schei ever a Avon Laker?  View Results
28) Can Farming win the state title?  View Results
29) Now that the season has ended, how do you feel about wood bats?  View Results
30) If we would ever get new uniforms, what should they be?  View Results
31) Who will finish with a better record?  View Results
32) How far will the Johnnies' football team go?  View Results
33) All I want for Christmas is?  View Results
34) What's your New Years resolution?  View Results
35) What will Adam Smith (a.k.a Schmidy) break this year?  View Results
36) Which ex-Viking QB will lead their team to Victory?  View Results
37) When we next see Brandon, what kind of hairdo will he have?  View Results
38) Pets?  View Results
39) What do you think about the league's addition of Aitkin, Crosby and Foley?  View Results
40) Which is your favorite beer?  View Results
41) What was your winter workout program?  View Results
42) NIT Semifinals: Georgetown (18-14) or Minnesota (18-12)?  View Results
43) How many games till Big Show forgets his gear?  View Results
44) After one year of use, what grade would you give wood bats?  View Results
45) What is your favorite visiting park to play in?  View Results
46) If the bus for the game leaves at 8:30am, when would BigShow arrive?  View Results
47) How did you do on the fishing opener?  View Results
48) Do you believe Sammy Sosa's corked bat story saying "he picked up the wrong bat"?  View Results
49) Should the winner of the MLB All-Star game determine the home team for the World Series?  View Results
50) Will the Kielty/Stewart trade benefit the Twins this year?  View Results
51) Favorite moment of the 2003 season?  View Results
52) What kind of year will "One Bar" Dirkes have punting for State this year?  View Results
53) Who is the Twins MVP this year?  View Results
54) Fill in the blank. I ______ snow?  View Results
55) What is the easiest question to answer and why?  View Results
56) Who has the best website in the Victory League?  View Results
57) What word best describes your effort on an at bat where you strike out with a weak, weak swing?  View Results
58) When will Avon ever claim the South championship from Holdingford?  View Results
59) What is your favorite opponent's nickname?  View Results
60) Which team is most likely to win the south in '04?  View Results
61) Worst Twin in history?  View Results
62) What are the odds that Zimmy will suit up and play for the lakers this year?  View Results
63) According to Yahoo! Maps, how many miles is it from Avon to Aitkin?  View Results
64) What is your favorite sport to watch?  View Results
65) Will the St. Stupid Steves hold on to win their first division title?  View Results
66) Who has been the biggest Laker disappointment thus far in 2004?  View Results
67) Who will win the tightest division title race in recent Victory League South memory?  View Results
68) Who will win the World Series this year?  View Results
69) If you could start a team with players from the Victory League South, who would be your first pick?  View Results
70) If you are a parent or would be a parent, which of these would you LEAST want your kids to be doing?  View Results
71) Which teams did Avon need to beat to reach the State Tournament ?  View Results
72) Best part of making the State Tourney?  View Results
73) What was in Petron's Cooler?  View Results
74) What is your favorite quote of the year?  View Results
75) Who's most likely to oversleep this weekend when the Avon Lakers put in the sprinkler system?  View Results
76) What's your favorite Seinfeld quote of all time?  View Results
77) Who are you going to vote for in the upcoming presidential election?  View Results
78) Who has the best hair on the Red Sox?  View Results
79) Who would win a Laker beard growing contest?  View Results
80) What is the best thing that Santa could bring the Lakers for the 2005 season?  View Results
81) What is your New Years Resolution?  View Results
82) Moss?  View Results
83) Who is going to be a new Laker this year?  View Results
84) Where should the Riverbats play?  View Results
85) What should happen to the Avon Lakers baseball field?  View Results
86) What is your dream job?  View Results
87) Favorite team going into this years NCAA Tourney?  View Results
88) What part of your body takes the greatest beating during the baseball season?  View Results
89) What is the weather going to be for the Lakers' home opener?  View Results
90) What current player has the best chance of playing for the Lakers for over 20 years like Dan Zimmerman and Mick Nett?  View Results
91) Do the Lakers have the horses to make it to State?  View Results
92) Who's your favorite baseball player of all time?  View Results
93) What comes to your mind first when you think of Avon Laker baseball?  View Results
94) Best baseball movie of all time?  View Results
95) What is the worst baseball field that you have played on in the victory league, past or present?  View Results
96) Where will you be on Pack the Park Day, June 12th at Lakers Field?  View Results
97) Where should the Minnesota Twins build their new stadium?  View Results
98) Where should Parnell and Johnny go on their double date?  View Results
99) Johnny's date dumped him, BEFORE the date. How can he get her back?  View Results
100) What should Parnell do now?  View Results
101) What sets the Avon Lakers apart from other amateur baseball teams?  View Results
102) How will the Lakers do in the regions this year?  View Results
103) Overall, how would your describe the Lakers season?  View Results
104) Who did the Lakers miss most this season?  View Results
105) What do you plan on doing more of now that the Lakers' season is done?  View Results
106) Who's going to win the Super Bowl this year?  View Results
107) What was the biggest difference maker for the 2005 Express?  View Results
108) What's your favorite kind of alcoholic drink?  View Results
109) What is your favorite baseball song?  View Results
110) What's the best show on TV?  View Results
111) What sport has the worst athletes?  View Results
112) What do the Avon Lakers do in the off season to stay or get in shape?  View Results
113) What is the best nickname for a terrible baseball player?  View Results
114) Favorite thing to do during winter months?  View Results
115) The Superbowl winner will be?  View Results
116) What former Avon Laker would you like to see playing again?  View Results
117) Best place to take a vacation?  View Results
118) What's the best "adult" cartoon?  View Results
119) What do you think of the Vikings off-season moves so far?  View Results
120) Who's going to win the AL Central Division?  View Results
121) Who's going to win the Victory League South title this season?  View Results
122) What do you do on a Sunday when your game gets rained out?  View Results
123) What team would you like to see get a new stadium?  View Results
124) Which best describes your daily eating habits?  View Results
125) What do you think of Barry Bonds homerun totals?  View Results
126) Where is the Big Show (aka. Ryan Dierkhising) now?  View Results
127) Who makes the best face when eating a pickled egg?  View Results
128) What kind of surgery have you had due to a baseball injury?  View Results
129) What kind of surgery have you had due to a baseball injury?  View Results
130) Who would be the champion of a round-robin boxing match?  View Results
131) What is your favorite nickname for Laker's Matt Meyer?  View Results
132) What Avon Laker will continue to hit for power throughout the rest of the season (even if it was aluminum) that was showed at Friday's practice?  View Results
133) With the current hot streak, where will the Twins finish the regular season?  View Results
134) What's your favorite thing to do in the summer?  View Results
135) How will the Lakers do in the regions this year?  View Results
136) Overall, how would you describe the Lakers season?  View Results
137) What are you most looking forward to now that summer is winding down?  View Results
138) How will the Vikings do in the regular season?  View Results
139) Where's your favorite place to watch a baseball game?  View Results
140) What TV show are you most looking forward to watching this fall?  View Results
141) How will the Twins do in the playoffs?  View Results
142) What should the Twins do this off-season?  View Results
143) What is the best number on a baseball jersey?  View Results
144) What do you think of spammers invading emails and websites?  View Results
145) Why should the baseball park stay where it is?  View Results
146) Favorite memory of 2006  View Results
147) Where would you go on Twins road trip this season?  View Results
148) After his nose job, what enhancement will Troy get next?  View Results
149) Which Twin is the most valuable for the future of their franchise?  View Results
150) Who's going to win the NCAA Men's basketball Championship?  View Results
151) Who's going to win the American League Central Division title?  View Results
152) Who's going to win the Victory League South?  View Results
153) What are you most looking forward to about going to a Lakers' game this year?  View Results
154) How bad will Stinky smell after this weekend's double-header?  View Results
155) What blockbuster movie are you most likely to attend this Spring/Summer?  View Results
156) What is your favorite local ballpark and why?  View Results
157) Who has the best chance of being one of the teams representing the Victory League at the State Tournament?  View Results
158) What's your favorite professional baseball frachise?  View Results
159) What should the Twins do now?  View Results
160) Who has the best chance of going to the 2007 State Tournament?  View Results
161) What do you think of the Kevin Garnett trade?  View Results
162) What is the best thing about summer?  View Results
163) What do you think of playing fantasy football?  View Results
164) Which local team has the best chance of winning the Class C State Title?  View Results
165) What are you most looking forward to now that summer is winding down?  View Results
166) Who is who in the spooning scene in Planes, Trains & Automobiles?  View Results
167) What do you do in the off-season to improve your baseball skills?  View Results
168) How bald will Matt "Jimmy" Meyer be next spring?  View Results
169) How will the Albany Huskies football team do at the State Tournament?  View Results
170) What do you think about the new look of the website?  View Results
171) Should the Twins trade Santana to the Yankees?  View Results
172) How many games before Smithy un-retires this year?  View Results
173) What current or former Laker is/was most likely a user of HGH or steroids?  View Results
174) Why don't you read, and more importantly, respond to/add comments to the great blogs on the site?  View Results
175) What are you hoping for in 2008?  View Results
176) What package would the Twins be most interested in for Johan Santana?  View Results
177) Who's going to win the Super Bowl?  View Results
178) What's the best thing about the writer's strike in Hollywood?  View Results
179) What are you thinking right now?  View Results
180) Who do you believe in the Clemens' saga?  View Results
181) What are you thinking about the Twins going into Spring Training?  View Results
182) Which present or former Laker is rumored to have a steady gal?  View Results
183) Will the Gophers be included in the top 64 teams this year for the NCAA tournament?  View Results
184) Who's your pick to win the 2008 NCAA Men's Tournament?  View Results
185) Jack Bauer vs Chuck Norris: Who'd win and why?  View Results
186) What are you doing to get ready for the first game of the year?  View Results
187) Who is the lakers biggest competition this year ?  View Results
188) What summer movie are you most looking forward to seeing?  View Results
189) What do you think about the weather so far this Spring?  View Results
190) What is your favorite thing to do at a Lakers' game?  View Results
191) Who had a better weekend?  View Results
192) Why hasn't Smithy (Adam Smith) changed his fantasy baseball team's roster yet?  View Results
193) Who's having the best MLB year thus far?  View Results
194) Should MLB allow instant replay?  View Results
195) In 100 official Victory League at bats, how many HR's would Justin Morneau have?  View Results
196) Joe Mauer should?  View Results
197) Favorite coaching blowup?  View Results
198) The Twins are...?  View Results
199) Gary Deters played all 10 positions verses Pearl Lake. Which did he do best at?  View Results
200) Brett Favre?  View Results
201) How will the Lakers do at the Regional Tournament?  View Results
202) How will the Lakers do this weekend in Sobieski?  View Results
203) Overall, how would your describe the Lakers season?  View Results
204) How far will the Minnesota Twins advance this fall?  View Results
205) How will Albany Huskie football do this season?  View Results
206) Will the Twins make the playoffs?  View Results
207) Now that the Twins are done, what team will you follow next?  View Results
208) Should the Vikings fire Chilly?  View Results
209) Who's getting your vote for President?  View Results
210) What is your favorite pizza?  View Results
211) What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?  View Results
212) When do you start Christmas shopping?  View Results
213) Will the Vikings make the playoffs?  View Results
214) How will the Vikings do in the playoffs?  View Results
215) What do the Vikings need to do in the off-season?  View Results
216) Who is going to win the Super Bowl?  View Results
217) Do you believe the Groundhog?  View Results
218) What do you think about A-Rod?  View Results
219) How are the Twins looking heading into Spring Training?  View Results
220) Gophers are?  View Results
221) Who is your NCAA pick to win it all?  View Results
222) Where will the Twins finish the regular season this year?  View Results
223) How will the Lakers do this year in the Victory League South?  View Results
224) What are you most looking forward to about Summer?  View Results
225) How many homeruns will Joe Mauer end up with this year?  View Results
226) How will the Twins do after the All-Star Break?  View Results
227) Will the Lakers beat Buckman Saturday and move on to Sunday's game?  View Results
228) Who will win the 2009 PGA Championship at Hazeltine?  View Results
229) How will the Vikings do with Brett Favre?  View Results
230) Will the Twins beat the Yankees?  View Results
231) What do the Twins need to do for next year's team to improve?  View Results
232) Which best describes your thoughts on the Brett Favre signing now?  View Results
233) Joe Mauer ends up with who?  View Results
234) How will the Vikings do in the playoffs?  View Results
235) How will the addition of Jim Thome affect the Twins' chances?  View Results
236) Who do you have winning it all in your bracket?  View Results
237) What is your favorite thing about Target Field?  View Results
238) What makes a good plate of buffalo wings?  View Results
239) Favorite baseball chatter?  View Results
240) How will the Lakers do in the 2010 Region 8C tournament?  View Results
241) Will the Lakers make it to the State Tournament?  View Results
242) With Favre onboard, will the Vikes win the Super Bowl?  View Results
243) What are you most looking forward to in 2011?  View Results
244) Will Justin Morneau ever play again?  View Results
245) Bert says pitchers are the greatest athletes?  View Results
246) Most exciting play in baseball?  View Results
247) How will the Lakers do in the Division Playoffs?  View Results
248) Will Troy and Janelle have a BOY or a GIRL?????  View Results
249) Will there ever be another Carp Fishing Tournament again?  View Results
250) Who will have the last dance?  View Results
251) Hardest pitch to hit?  View Results
252) Should High School switch to wood bats?  View Results
253) Favorite rerun episodes?  View Results
254) Which Laker is most likely to be using PED's?  View Results
255) Favorite strike 3 call?  View Results
256) Favorite activity once the baseball season is over?  View Results
257) Do you like instant replay in MLB?  View Results
258) Favorite ballplayer to watch?  View Results
259) Favorite Vikings 2016 draft pick?  View Results
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